The Sons of David - Yehudism


Despite its protestations, the Aluminat church was not the first non-pantheistic religion in Victoriana. As Christianity has Judaism, so does the Aluminat have the Sons of David. This religion is much the same in its basic doctrine as that of the Aluminat, but follows the teachings of Abraham, the first prophet of Order.

Abraham was not quite as gifted by the forces of Order as Justas was. His wisdom and power were more a manifestation of mankind's need for order than an attempt by the forces of Order to teach man the way. Even so, this new way of thinking was very powerful and began to sweep away worship of the old Gods. He passed on his teaching to the Yehudi people, in the nation of Israel, who have been the keepers of that law ever since. It wasn't organized in the way the Aluminat were but, without Abraham to set the stage, the Aluminat could never have been so successful.

The Sons of David (so named for the last great King of the Yehudi people before their scattering by their enemies) have followed their path for centuries, but have been hounded at every turn. They were oppressed by the followers of the old ways, who feared their new ideas, and oppressed by the new Aluminat, who thought they should update their ways to the teachings of Justas. However, during all that time they have remained faithful to the original words of Abraham. As time has passed they have developed their own ceremony and laws, but these are very similar to Aluminat ways, if a little more 'old school'. Interestingly, their ways have never incorporated the 'Dogma' that corrupted the Aluminat Angels. Perhaps this is due to their smaller numbers compared to the Aluminat, but it may be because their laws are made by man, not passed down from the heavens. Those few Angels who remain untarnished by Dogma look to the sons of David as their last hope, and consider them the 'Chosen People'.