Welcome to Victoriana

It is the year 1867 and it is a time of revolution.

The new science has done more than bring incredible technologies into the homes of everyday people. It has brought with it a new way of looking at the world. A way based on observation and logic that threatens the ancient dogma of Aluminat church teachings.

New political ideas are sweeping across Europe. New technology appears at terrifying speed and the industrial revolution seems unstoppable. In the supernatural world, the forces of order and chaos clash once more as the planes align. Their eternal battle reaches once more into the hearts and minds of mortals.

You are part of the revolution, whether you are born to privilege in the salons of the upper classes, or on the streets in the darkened rookeries of the city. Around you is a darkness that lurks not only in the alleys and back streets, but also in the clubs and estates of the rich and powerful.

The power to make a difference is in your hands, it could be money and privilege, science or even sorcery. You have chosen to be on the front line of the new age: but will you fight against the change or join the revolution?

Welcome back to the world of Victoriana.

It's been expecting you.

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