The Theatre

The theatre is the center of drama, comedy and often opera for the middle and upper classes. The working class love theatre too, but mostly as a form of employment rather than entertainment. London is littered with theatres, some grand, others little more than music halls. Victorian theatre can often be a far more raucous affair than in the modern age, depending on the patrons. Many patrons do their best to get backstage after a performance to gain the attentions of the actresses, in the hope they may also be free with their favors. As theatre is a night-time affair, many theatricals pursue a vigorous nightlife that outsiders enjoy tagging along for.

While electric lighting is yet to become widespread, gaslights and 'limelights' illuminate the stage. Limelights produce a powerful light and are used as spotlights, but have a remarkable tendency to explode on the operator. The most advanced theatres can enjoy Guild mages to provide special effects. Those theatres that can't afford such luxuries might spare a few extra pennies for a backstage hand that turns out to be a petty magician. However, many impressive theatrical effects can be achieved without the aid of sorcery.