The Social Order

The upper, or higher, class of Europe consists of the aristocracy, their extended families, friends and any person that they deign to elevate to this station (very rarely the latter).

The middle class consists of the professional tradesmen and industrialists. This classification has only come into existence in the last thirty years of game time, since the Industrial Revolution. The middle class is made up of wealthy businessmen and highly paid professionals such as doctors, lawyers, academics and officers with large purses. In the middle classes, it is how much money you make that is the barometer of your success.

The working or lower classes are composed of the manual labor force, the craftsmen, wandering journeymen and anybody not born into wealth. Many of them have nothing, and some have even less. However, the working class prides itself on being the backbone of the empire. They may not reap many of the benefits, but without them the wheels of the Empire would simply stop.

Correct by Convention

Class distinctive society was instigated by, and serves the upper and middle classes. Its forms and protocols are self-evolving within those classes. Its forms and protocols are self-evolving within those classes. There are no social rules lawyers — social custom and correctness are devolved from the majority. These forms and customs are then passed on to the lower class without discussion.

This might seem unfair and absurd — it is, but it is also the truth. A typical custom so formed is the protocol that it is rude and uncultured to speak to a girl or woman unless formally introduced by her male guardian of the moment, whether the guardian is present or not.

Typical Incomes
Time Survival Lower L. Mid U. Mid Upper
1 year £80 £95 £200 £400 £800*
1 week £15/6 £1.8/2 £5 £12 £20*
* these figures are for a young man's allowance, the families resources are vast.
Employment Figures
Upper & Middle classes Lower class
Independent income 1,817,000 Earning wages 8,345,000
Dependents 3,870,000 Unemployed 7,613,000
Total population of England 21,645,000