Religion is very important to the people of Europe; before the Thirty Year War, legends tell of a time when the Gods themselves walked the earth. If they are still strolling today, they certainly take pains not to be discovered. Who knows?

The world of Victoriana is host to several religions. Aluminat faith dominates Europe, seeking to destroy the last remains of the old faith and cast out the evils of necromancy and demonic cults. In the colonies and to the east, the older religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Yehudism (the much oppressed origin of the Aluminat) — remain strong despite the armed evangelism of their European conquerors. In far Arabia, Ismal has risen to challenge the dogma of the Aluminat.

This section concentrates mainly on Aluminat faith, a version of Christianity that is very different to the one in the real world. The other religions detailed here will be expanded upon in later supplements. It should be noted that Aluminat faith is emphatically not Christianity. The same goes for the other religions that have been adapted to the world of Victoriana. This chapter is not an attempt to undermine anyone's religious beliefs or comment on their faith. This is why many of the faiths have been renamed; for instance, Ismal may look like Islam but it is not.