Lifespan:* 50 years
Allowed Classes: Lower

The Ogre is a humanoid powerhouse. On average 8 ft. tall and almost as wide, an Ogre is best described as a large slab of pure muscle. Ogres may have any color hair or eyes; their skin is usually rough and callused all over. Often their teeth are overdeveloped tusks (approx. 75%); facial features are always very deep set and crude.

Ogres are considered to be pretty dumb. However, it is truer to say they are extremely gullible. They frequently believe anything they are told, as they lack the facility to distinguish lies from truth. This often leads to fanatical (and misplaced) devotion to even obscure causes, a fact that the army plays on with glee. Indeed, Ogres are ruthlessly taken advantage of due to their dubious intelligence and, aside from the occasional rabblerousers, nobody (including the Ogres) cares about how they are treated.

Special Abilities:

Blunt Wits: Ogre characters often believe anything you tell them. Any attempts to Bull or Charm (or similar skill) them are considered one difficulty level easier than usual. The Ogre also receives an additional 3 penalty when attempting to resist such attempts. If two characters voicing different commands attempt to convince the Ogre, they must shout each other down to end the confusion, the one with the most successes getting the upper hand. If both manipulators get the same number of successes, the Ogre can make his own judgement call (heaven help us) on which of the nice people is telling the truth.

Iron Constitution: Ogres are renowned for their ability to shrug off wounds and pain. To represent this, every Ogre calculates his Health using his Fortitude x2, rather than the standard Fortitude x1 that every other race receives.

Long Legs: In the same way that Dwarves, Gnomes and Halfling must reduce their movement rates, the Ogre can increase his. Ogres can multiply their movement rate scores by 1.5 due to their vast size.

* Lifespan indicates natural span with access to medicine and correct diet. Urban Lower classes in industrial areas will be lucky to reach ½ this figure.