Lifespan:* 70 years
Allowed Classes: Upper, Middle, Lower

Humans are the most populous of all the races, and account for the vast majority of Europe's population. They vary greatly in build, and have many possible hair and eye colors. They are an adaptable bunch and have managed to insert themselves in every class in every country across the world. While humans are often considered to be 'the race of man' and women may be socially bound in England, there is no differences in their attributes. Women are certainly as capable as men, even if society refuses to grant them the same opportunities.

Special Abilities:

Adaptability: Humans have an uncanny ability to thrive in a variety of situations, so they being play with 4 bonus attribute points rather than 3.

Destiny: Fate seems to have elevated the race of men to a higher position than the other species of Victorian, despite the special abilities of the other races. Humans begin to play with 6 additional Fate Points) to represent the faith destiny has placed in them to do great things.

* Lifespan indicates natural span with access to medicine and correct diet. Urban Lower classes in industrial areas will be lucky to reach ½ this figure.