Lifespan:* 120 years
Allowed Classes: Middle, Lower

Gnomes are short, wiry Humanoids, easily mistaken for starved Dwarfs or undernourished Halflings. They often appear older than they are; their faces are lined like an old man in middle age. Their hair can be any color, and their dark eyes sparkle with intelligence. Gnomes are generally shrewd, intelligent creatures. They are at their best when taxing their brains. Accountant, teacher and solicitor are all occupations at which the humble Gnome excels. Being frail, they shy away from physical work when they can. So, they have a reputation as academics and researchers.

Special Abilities:

Fragile Physique: Due to their size, Gnomes cannot ever enhance their Strength attribute in the same way some of the other races can. Regardless of their Rank and attribute cap, their Strength attribute can never be higher than 3.

Little Legs: Gnomes are a short race and, as such, their legs are much shorter than those of the average Human (or Eldren or Beastman, for that matter). When calculating movement speeds, your scores are halved (but rounded up).

Night Creature: Originally, Gnomes evolved (if you are to believe Mr Darwin’s controversial theories!) from nocturnal creatures, and so often prefer the later hours. They like to sleep in as long as possible and any mental or academic tasks they perform in the morning have an additional 2 point penalty. However, when it is past Midnight, they receive a bonus +1 to their Dice pool for such tasks. In addition, they have retained very good night sight and suffer one less difficulty level for lack of light than other races do when attempting a task in darkness.

* Lifespan indicates natural span with access to medicine and correct diet. Urban Lower classes in industrial areas will be lucky to reach ½ this figure.