Lifespan:* 200 years
Allowed Classes: Upper, Middle

The Eldren are a rare and aesthetic race (although those that turn to war often excel), and are highly valued as artisans throughout the world. Not only creators of beauty, the Eldren are also legendary for their physical beauty, as they are tall yet slight of build, and finely boned with delicate features. Their skin is as pale as the finest porcelain; their hair is usually raven-black or mahogany with little other variation. Blonde Eldren are far less common but not completely unknown. Red haired Eldren are very rare and considered cursed, so are almost universally shunned. While this may seem like simple prejudice, most Eldren Channeling mediums are blonde, with dark haired Eldren usually being Sensate mediums. So, it is possible that some darker power was often gifted to flame-haired Eldren. Eldren eyes have cat-like pupils and white or pale metallic irises. Their ears come to a delicate point at the tip. In high society, an Eldren bride is considered quite a prize. The Eldren have lived with, and interbred with, the upper echelons of Humanity for all recorded time. Queen Elysebeth Tudor was an Eldren queen.

Special Abilities:

Artistic Eccentricity: Eldren have a high chance of insanity, or "artistic eccentricity" as it is known. Typically, this manifests as a minor neurosis or phobia. All Eldren characters must take a mental Complication without claiming the bonus points that would normally be associated with the Complication. However, an Eldren character may have an additional 3 Complications just like any other character.

Planar Empathy: The Eldren have always had highly developed senses, and sometimes an aptitude for sorcery, even in this modern age when such an aptitude is often frowned on. All Eldren characters gain one Sensate or one Channeling medium ability for free. They get no points in the appropriate skill, but may put points in the skill without buying the talent. However, they must buy the medium talent to gain further abilities as any form of medium. While every Eldren is sensitive to magic in some way, only two thirds of Eldren actually develop Medium powers. Player character Eldren are considered to be part of this empowered majority. Eldren players can omit the Planar Empathy ability and be part of the unempowered minority if they wish, counting this as one of their 3 complications, and gaining the bonus points for it as usual.

* Lifespan indicates natural span with access to medicine and correct diet. Urban Lower classes in industrial areas will be lucky to reach ½ this figure.