Lifespan:* 70 years
Allowed Classes: Lower

Beastmen have faithfully served among the lower classes of Britain throughout history, and appear next to Humans on the earliest discovered cave paintings. Beastmen are so-called as, while they walk on their hind legs and have hands and feet, in all other respects they resemble a particular animal. A Beastman's build varies in the same way as a Human's. Their bestial features vary to a degree, although most are based on a mammalian species, such as rats, bears, horses, wolves, weasels or lions, etc. When creating a Beastman character, you should consider which type of animal the character is to resemble. It should fit into one of these three categories: Agile (such as rat, weasel or ferret), Common (such as a horse, dog, wolf or goat), or Large (such as a lion or bear).

When you know which animal your character resembles, you should assign attributes that fi t their assumed characteristics. For instance, Lions are considered to be strong and noble, so should have high physical traits and Presence. Rats are considered devious and quick, usually having high Wits and Dexterity. This may seem unfair. After all, rats (for instance) are actually rather cute and friendly creatures. However, it seems that the exterior appearance of Beastmen usually reflects their personality in terms of what most people understand that animal's personality to be. Scholars have debated the issue for many years and have found no answer. However, they have discovered that Beastmen are definitely a single race, albeit a varied one.

Female Beastmen only account for approximately 25% of the Beastman population, so it is more common for Beastmen to intermarry and breed with Humans (and occasionally Eldren). The lower classes usually see little wrong with the practice, but the upper classes find it abhorrent. Nevertheless, there are plenty of secret upper class brothels that provide all manner of Beastmen for secret liaisons with the aristocracy. The rules for half-breeds apply (as usual) in the case of such couplings. When two Beastmen get together they also usually produce a child that resembles the mother, but if this isn’t the case the mother and child are usually not in any danger. However, sometimes the child resembles neither parent, and its personality is made apparent by the new animal it mimics.

Beastmen are often judged by their outward appearance. A rat or weasel would live a lonely, shunned life, while a noble lion would be popular and possibly be propositioned often by the other races. Due to their subservient social position (it is very rare to fi nd a Beastman above the lower classes, and unheard of to fi nd one in the upper class), many are turning to politics such as socialism, bolshevism, communism, or plain anarchy, in attempts to better their position.

Special Abilities:

Animal Trait: You may pick one of the following traits, appropriate to the type of animal your Beastman resembles. If they are appropriate, Staff may allow you to buy additional Animal Traits as if they were Talents.

Aquatic Aptitude: You are at home in water, able to hold your breath twice as long as your attributes normally allow.

Armor: Your skin is toughened with hide, fur or even scales. You have one natural point of armor.

Claws: You have cat-like retractable claws in your hands. You can choose to spring them and do an extra 2 dice of damage in hand-to-hand combat. All the damage you do is considered 'normal' and not 'Bruise damage' when your claws are out. You use your Fisticuffs skill in combat as usual.

Enhanced Sense: One of your five senses is more advanced than usual, in the same way as the Talent 'Acute Sense'.

Night Vision: You see perfectly well in the dark, not quite as well as if it was daylight, but well enough to see without any penalties.

Weather Sense: You have a sixth sense for changes in weather. You can't make an especially accurate forecast, but you know when a storm or an earthquake is coming. You can also usually tell if it is about to rain, but as it does this all the time in England that might not be so useful!

* Lifespan indicates natural span with access to medicine and correct diet. Urban Lower classes in industrial areas will be lucky to reach ½ this figure.