The Politics of the Revolution

There are many things that need the cleansing influence of change, and change is brewing in many different forms, from emancipation to alternative political/social systems; communism, bolshevism, nihilism and anarchism - the so-called revolutionary beliefs.

Nationalism and Free Traders are also important social movements. Nationalists, particularly in the Ottoman and Austro - Hungarian Balkans, as well as Ireland, are also a potent force for revolution. Free traders, although not revolutionary (indeed, free trade is British government policy), hold views which are outside established society for most of Europe.

The threat of revolution should not be underestimated. The French Revolution is only a few generations in the past and is still vividly remembered by the aristocracy across Europe. After all, the working proletariat has a lot to rebel against. Luckily for the upper classes, there are quite a few theories about how the revolution should take place and what changes need to be made. This keeps some of the revolutionaries bickering among themselves, rather than actually organizing the revolution.

A few of the many factions fighting for the hearts and minds of the new age are detailed below. When you create a character, you should consider if their 'social ethics' mirror any of the factions listed below.