Nihilists are a disturbed bunch. They steadfastly believe that the European races as they stand are doomed, and that it will generally save a lot of bother if they make a start cleaning up now instead of waiting for nature to take its course.

  • Money? Money is pointless. When you've finished with the world there will be no need for money, anyway.
  • Education? Education is pointless; when you're dead, nobody cares how many languages you knew.
  • Classes? All authority figures are pawns of the oppressors; they are to be stamped out first - headless chickens make easier targets.
  • Religion? There is no God, so there is no higher authority than you. If the Aluminat way were the best way, there would be no suffering in the world. You will burn all the churches, shoot the preachers, and sell the alter pieces to buy more weapons.
  • Marriage? Women are to be liberated; they can join the revolution or die. Just like anyone else!
  • Honor? The institutions of honor and honesty make you laugh; they can't stop bullets.