New Scientist

It is an age of wonder and marvels. Science has unveiled the natural world and seeks to illuminate every corner with new knowledge. You need not be a researcher or inventor to be fascinated with the new advances being made. Plenty of people read the research journals and discuss the new ideas being presented. This is an intellectual revolution, where the old accepted knowledge is being challenged. Darwin's theory of evolution has rocked society and challenged the church on a fundamental level. Science has no boundaries, and will accept nothing without proof.

  • Money? Only useful for what it can buy to advance knowledge by research.
  • Education? Education is the key to everything. Without it we are no better than animals. What good is the search for truth if you can't understand the truth you seek?
  • Classes? Education and understand will replace breeding. Class is unimportant, but those with better breeding may be better equipped to appreciate the new science.
  • Marriage? Every good scientist needs a lab assistant…
  • Religion? The church has been telling people that their myth and superstition are facts. This is an insult to the intellect we are gifted with. What cannot be proved scientifically must be cast out.
  • Honor? Science without ethics can work terrible harm. Each scientist must be true to himself if he is to find the truth he seeks.