While nationalism is common throughout this period, these ideas specifically appertaining to countries either living under foreign rule (the Irish and Indians under the British Empire, the Poles under the Russians, Czechs under the Austro-Hungarians, most Balkan people under the Turks), or to a disparate people resisting a drive to stand as one country (the Italian and German states). Having said that, Englishmen abroad should remember who they are and not be seduced by the mystery of other cultures and 'go native'.

  • Money? Money should go to the people of the nation, not to foreign investors.
  • Education? Education should include the culture and history of the motherland, and be in our own language, not on the terms of foreigners.
  • Classes? Our rulers should be natives. Our own traditions should be honored, not those of the invader. No nation has the right to tell you how to live.
  • Religion? Religion should also be our own, not a foreigner's.
  • Marriage? Women should not marry into other races.
  • Honor? Our own definitions of honor are superior.