Keeping The Faith

While it is possible that the teachings of the Aluminat faith are wrong or at least badly interpreted, there is no doubt that a powerful force beyond man has handed these teachings down. This is not to say that everyone on the planet has seen an Angel, but the stories of what happens to those who stand against the law on the Aluminat way are well know. Following the teachings of the Aluminat church is not a matter of faith, but of obedience.

Even without proof, the people of Victoriana are far more able to believe in the fantastic idea of such beings as Angels. The servants of the holy may not be everyday sights, but magic and sorcery are. While it is still a rare talent, magic in the form of Sorcery or Mediumship is something many have encountered at some point. This makes it far easier for the Victoriana character to believe the strange and mystical as truth. In fact, it can be a great comfort.

Aluminat doctrine tells that sorcery is evil, or at least comes from dark places of Chaos. It is wild and unpredictable and is in the hands of people who are bound by no apparent code of morality or ethics. After all, as far as most people know, there is no barrier or limit to what any magician can do if he has the will. They can stave off death and call the creatures of the Pale to do their bidding. Even the least of them can cause fires and manipulate the mind or the forces of nature. So it is a comfort for those without thaumaturgical power to know that there is a great and powerful force working to keep sorcery in check. Those who wield the power of Faith stand in opposition to the chaos of sorcery, and have equal power to keep it contained. More importantly, their power is regulated by a greater power. The priests of the Aluminat and their faithful all draw from the might of a vast and (supposedly) benign authority. Unlike sorcerers, they are guided by wisdom beyond that of man. So the people of Victoriana (especially those with little power of their own) have a place of safety to which to cling.