Internet Links

These are some of the websites we've found across the internet that you might find useful. It'd be worth giving these sites a look over as you consider your character.

Victoriana Magazine

This website is for Victoriana Magazine has anything and everything that you could ever need to know about the Victorian Era. Some of the things covered include Fashion, Decor, Weddings and Recipes. It is HIGHLY recommended that you bookmark this website and refer back to it often. There is a ton of information that is invaluable.

Victorian Era Names

A list of popular names during the 1840's-1890's. This list only includes first names, but has lists for both male and females. Worth a look for those of you struggling to find a name.

The Victorian Web

A large collection of Victorian British literature, history and culture. This is useful for getting a look into the lives of those living during the Victorian age.