At some point, someone will ask to play some weird cross-breed of the different races, like a Half-Eldren for example. Sadly for such players, there are no such things in Victoriana. Well, nearly. Most of the intelligent races are capable of mating, all of them having the same sort of biology. However, the more divergent the two races involved are, the less chance there is of such a coupling producing offspring. So, while a Human and Eldren or a Halfling and a Gnome might manage to have children, an Ogre and a Dwarf have little hope of doing so.

When a child does result, it takes fully after one parent or the other, usually the mother. If the child takes after the father, the birth usually results in the death of the child, the mother or often both. Such children are considered to be just the same as whichever race they resemble and the question ends there. However, some bloodlines that have mingled with a particular race for some time can carry the dormant genes of that race.

On occasion, those genes can activate to produce a child of a different racial heritage to either parent. This is very, very rare, though. The royal family (predominantly Human) has a long history of marrying into Eldren nobility and has produced, at most, 5 Eldren children to pure human couples in its recorded history. Before you ask to play an Eldren born to a Human and a Gnome, it should also be pointed out that this exceptionally rare quirk only ever occurs if both parents are the same race.