Free Traders

Free traders are unique amongst revolutionaries, as they do not seek to overthrow any government institutions by force (well, not generally, but they may incite revolts from other factions). They are usually upper middle class, or sometimes forward-thinking gentry, and believe in open trading for the maximum amount of personal gain.

  • Money? Money and wealth are everything. No government regulations should stop you from accumulating money.
  • Education? Education is good (for you, at least). It allows you to learn how to manipulate the current outdated system.
  • Classes? The ruling classes are rippling the flow of trade by placing tariffs on goods and insisting on a protected market. They can be useful as clients, through. The middle classes are a primary target group, but those damned intellectuals should stop whining about the condition of the poor. The lower classes are useful for labor, but they should not be helped with handouts. Without the poor, there can be no rich.
  • Religion? Religion serves a useful social function in keeping the masses occupied, but those damned puritans can sometimes put a cramp on your activities in the Colonies.
  • Marriage? Marriage can be convenient, especially at social functions, but primarily you are married to the ideals of wealth.
  • Honor? Rules to play fair only protect the weak, who shouldn't be in business.