Fallen Angels

Early in the history of the world, at the dawn of man, there was an Angel - a prince amongst his kind, who fell to lust and pride. His name was Lucifer, ‘The Morning Star’.

According to the Aluminat story, Lucifer became jealous of mortal love, whereupon he came to Earth and took a mortal bride - violating the holy order created by his peers. However, the bride Lucifer took was in fact Paline, the great temptress and, hidden away in secret trysts, she whispered dark things to him - feeding his pride, and slowly turning him against his fellow Angels. Eventually, Lucifer’s absences from the heavens were noticed and he was called to task. Rather than admit his errors and accept punishment, Lucifer raged against the Archangels, accusing them of perfidy and deception. He swore to overthrow them and to take his rightful place on a celestial throne as a God.

Such was Lucifer’s popularity among the Angels that a great many flocked to his side and a great war ensued across Heaven and Earth. Eventually, the fallen were defeated and, unable to face the execution of their fellows, the Archangels showed mercy – banishing Lucifer and his rebels to a prison in the lower planes where, to atone for their wrongs, they would observe the atonement of others for eternity.

The war in Heaven was obviously wonderful news for the creatures of the Pale. Beforehand the Angelic host’s power dwarfed that of the demons. Their greater numbers and dedicated solidarity allowed them to crush the forces of hell without a second thought. This is why they were able to use hell as a prison for their outcasts (much to the chagrin of demonkind). Since that time, the powers of Heaven and Hell have been in a rough balance, with nearly half the forces of Heaven imprisoned in Hell and the rest fallen to Dogma and squabbling. However the Angels do their best to deny the parity of Hell, which does them no favors.

Yehudite tradition has a great many stories of these wars in their 'Books of Enoch' but, for the Aluminat faithful, it seems enough to know that Lucifer still exists, down in his prison hell. It is Aluminat belief that those who do not follow the commandments go to Hell when they die to be punished by the fallen; it is also believed that the fallen are always looking for ways and means to leave their prison – and that their allies, the demons of the Pale and beyond, are also looking for ways to free them.

There is another group of fallen angels, the Eloim. They fought in a second war in the heavens to try and stop the onset of Dogma. However, this war was little more than an insurrection as so many angels had fallen to the tarnish of Dogma. The Eloim failed and were cast down for their attack on ‘reason’. However, they did not fall as far as Lucifer. Instead, they were cast onto the Earth, to live as immortal observers among the humans until the final war of judgement.

The Fallen Ones

Lucifer was not the only one of the host to fall. Many others stood with him in the war of Angels, and they all shared his fate. He has granted them each a "Throne" in his kingdom (such as it is), which grants them dominion a certain area in Lucifer's name. Lucifer has also promised great reward when the End Time bring them all another chance to claim Heaven.

  • Abbadon - Throne of Greed
  • Asmodeus - Throne of Desire
  • Astaroth - Throne of Sorcery
  • Balberith - Throne of Murder
  • Beelzebub Throne of Lordship (second to Lucifer alone)
  • Gressil - Throne of Dirt and Disease
  • Leviathan - Throne of Blasphemy
  • Murmur - Throne of Secrets
  • Sonnelion - Throne of Hatred

Other names of the fallen include: Azazel, Focalor, Forneas, Lauviah, Marou, Nelchael, Pruflas, Raum, Salikotal, Samael, Semyazza and Verrine.