Communists believe that everyone should be equal, that a utopia can be created where everybody is happy and there is no prejudice, discrimination or war. Communists generally believe that politics and man's better nature will guide him to this sort of society. However, there are various factions within Communism who aren't content to wait. One such faction is Bolshevism, a very violent version of communism. Like Communism, Bolshevism shares the belief that everyone should be equal and that everyone should have something without a monetary value to offer the greater good. However, Bolsheviks are not content to wait for politics to start the revolution, and they are far more hard line in the changes they want to make to society.

  • Money? Money is the root of all evil: scrap it. When the people take over, everyone will share what they have, so there will be no need for money. The state should only provide basic administrative services, and its other functions (such as imperialistic war notions) should be swept away. War is merely the bourgeoisie's attempt to distract the lower classes from the misery of their existence, and serves to fuel the interests of capitalists.
  • Education? All children should receive an education, at least in a trade if not academic, so that they have something to offer when older.
  • Classes? The upper classes will be disbanded for their crimes against the people; they will have to readjust to the new world. The middle classes are no better, they do nothing that will not profit them; again, there is much to change. The lower classes are the real people of this world. They deserve better but, unfortunately, many actually believe in the old class system.
  • Religion? Aluminat order is a lie. If this is how the world should be, why is there so much suffering? You will close all the churches. ("Religion is the opiate of the masses")
  • Marriage? Marriage is outdated. Women are to be as free as men, and will choose with whom they wish to live and those with whom they wish to have children.
  • Honor? The upper class definition of honor is a farce and a lie; you have no time for it.