The Cinematograph

While true moving pictures are not available, photography itself is both popular and advancing swiftly. The cinematograph is a vulgar entertainment and a frequent haunt of both the working classes and photography enthusiasts. Little more than an enhanced slideshow, cinematograph slides can be a diverse subject material. Slideshows range from news to soft pornography (magazine cover girl shots, by 21st century standards) and artists' prints are used as often as photo technology in the production of a slide.

The magic lantern effects are used in more civilized company to create 'phantasmagorias'. These magic lantern shows send pictures of ghosts, witches and demons marching across the walls of darkened rooms to the delight and fear of the audience. The church detests these exhibitions, believing they are at the best 'ill-advised' and at worst may even conjure evil spirits or release demons. As you'd expect, this had made them even more popular.