The People's Charter is a revolutionary movement presently existent only in Britain. The primary aim of the Chartist movement is to gain an expansion of the political franchise to 'one man, one vote'. The concept of working men voting for the country's government was at first hysterically funny to the bourgeois of the 19th century but, after repeated protest marches and riots, the movement is now viewed as a radical threat. Although Chartism is generally a peaceful political mass movement with followers trying to bring about its proposed changes through official channels, there are an increasing number of believers who do not think that the present system will allow the changes without the application of force and violence.

  • Money? Money is fine; you earn it and then you spend it. You have no problems with the theory of money.
  • Education? All children should receive an education, at least in a trade if not academic, so that they will be able to support themselves and their family in later life.
  • Classes? The upper classes have a monopoly over your future; everyone should have a vote to decide on the future, not just the nobility.
  • Religion? While the priests keep it quiet, doesn't Aluminat doctrine say all men are created equal? You don't see much of that at the moment.
  • Marriage? Marriage is a wonderful institution; everyone should be able to marry in the sanctity of faith.
  • Honor? The concept of honor is a fine one, and you respect it.