Calling Cards

When a young lady or gentleman enters a new town, and wishes to enter society within that town, he/she should attend the next public function (opera, ballet, theatre, etc). Once there he/she should make no attempt at communication, but should leave his/her card at the door. Any parties wishing to make their acquaintance shall inquire for the card at the door once the newcomer has departed. They then send a card by messenger to the visiting person's address. If the visitor would still like to pursue the company of local society they must travel to the relevant contactor's home (for a lady) or club (for a gentleman).

In the case of a lady, once arrived, she should wait in the carriage until she has been officially received, in the form of an afternoon tea, into the new social circle. It should be noted that 'refusal at the door' is considered a great insult. This is especially useful in provincial or colonial towns, as the society is small and often closed (usually run by the local clique).

Gentlemen seeking introduction into a new club or circle have a much easier time at this stage, as the introduction will invariably take place over many cigars and much brandy.