Anarchy isn't so much a political system, rather a certain mindset. By their very nature, anarchists do not take well to organization, but there are a lot of them about.

  • Money? Money is used to buy things that you couldn't be bothered to steal. All property is theft, anyway. To own something steals resources from those who need it now. Take what you need and give away what you don't.
  • Education? All children should receive an education, at least in a trade if not academic, provided they want one.
  • Classes? You honestly do not care one iota about class distinction and discrimination; you adopt the most convenient viewpoint to justify your actions. The phrase 'redistribution of wealth to the people' is always a firm favorite.
  • Religion? Pick what you like; they are all a waste of time.
  • Marriage? Marriage is outdated. Women are to be as free as men, and can choose with whom they wish to live and with whom they wish to have children. You do, why shouldn't everyone else!
  • Honor? The upper class definition of honor obviously suits them — but you think it's awfully funny.